Scale Command with the Reference Option

Scale Command with the Reference Option

In this free video tutorial, I demonstrate how to use the SCALE command with the Reference option to scale objects to a desired size.

Transcript of this video

Welcome. I’m Cindy Dunn, President of CCAD inc. In this video I demonstrate how to use the SCALE command with the Reference option to scale objects to a desired size.

The SCALE command is used to enlarge or shrink a group of objects anchored by a base point. Typically one inputs a scale factor greater than 1 to enlarge and smaller than 1 to shrink the objects. What if you need to scale a group of objects to a specific size? Well, there is the Reference option.

In this diagram the battery symbol needs to be enlarged so the terminals align with the wires. After selecting the object and the SCALE command I select a Base Point. The Base Point anchors the objects. To use the Reference option, right click and choose Reference. Next specify the reference or current length. Finally input the new length. This example works because the Base Point coincides with a point used to choose the current and the new length.

The prongs of the plug need to match the width of the wires. The plug is to stay centered on the wires. The Base Point is not a point used for the current or new length. The Points option allows the new length to be selected without using the Base Point. As in the previous example, the objects are selected, the Reference option picked, the Base Point chosen and the current length specified. The Points option is picked and the new length specified.

Thank you for watching this video about using the reference option of the SCALE command. Please visit our AutoCAD Training page or see more of our free Tutorials.