Essential Layer Tools

Essential Layer Tools

In this free video tutorial, I demonstrate a few essential Layer Tools.

Transcript of this video

Welcome, I’m Cindy Dunn President of CCAD inc. In this video I demonstrate a few essential Layer Tools.

Layers are very useful if used thoughtfully. Assigning objects to different layer lets you turn off and on, freeze and thaw or lock and unlock logically grouped elements of your drawings.

Managing a drawing with numerous layers can be a bit challenging; especially you didn’t create the drawing. There are several commands that make it easier to manage these drawings.

Turning Layers On and Off

The LAYOFF command turns of the layers of objects you select. The layer name of each object you select is displayed in the Command Window. Objects on a layer that is turned off are invisible and don’t print. However, these objects can affect the area displayed when the Zoom Extents or Plot Extents commands are used. Also, objects on turned off layers will be chosen if you select objects by used the ALL or CTRL+A methods.

The LAYON command turns on all the layers in the drawing.

Freezing and Thawing Layers

The LAYFRZ command freezes the layers of the objects you select. Zoom Extents and Plot Extents are not affected by frozen layers.

If you are in a viewport on a layout, the LAYFRZ command freezes layers in the current viewport (default setting).

The LAYTHW command thaws all the layers in the drawing. If layers are frozen in viewports they must be thawed individually.

Locking and Unlocking Layers

The LAYLCK command locks the layer of an object you select. Objects on a locked layer are visible and print. You cannot erase, move, copy, stretch, etc. objects on locked layers. By default, objects on a locked layer are faded.

The LAYULK command unlocks the layer of an object you select.

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