Essential Layer Tools Part 2

Essential Layer Tools Part 2

In this free video tutorial, I demonstrate several more essential Layer Tools. Continuation from Part 1.

Transcript of this video

Welcome, I’m Cindy Dunn President of CCAD inc. In last month’s video I demonstrated a few essential Layer Tools. This video continues to explore more essential Layer Tools.

Layers are very useful if used thoughtfully. Assigning objects to different layer lets you turn off and on, freeze and thaw or lock and unlock logically grouped elements of your drawings.

Managing a drawing with numerous layers can be a bit challenging; especially you didn’t create the drawing. There are several commands that make it easier to manage these drawings.

Layer Walk

The LAYWALK command displays a window listing all the layers in the drawing.

Initially all the layers are highlighted and therefore displayed in the drawing. Select a layer name to display only those objects on the layer. You can click the layer name with your mouse or use the down arrow key to view the objects assigned to each layer. If checked, the Restore on exit setting restores the visibility of the layers at the start of the command.

To isolate a layer, select the layer name in the window. To isolate multiple layers, press the CTRL key and choose the layers names. Then uncheck the Restore on exit box. Only the selected layers will be displayed. Once the window is closed you can change selected objects to the appropriate layer. Use the LAYON command to turn on all the layers.

You may need to review layer assignments several times until all objects have been changed to the appropriate layer.

If the objects to be changed have similar properties, such as these room numbers on the Furniture layer, you can use the SELECTSIMILAR command to quickly and easily select the objects. Select one of the objects first, right-click and then choose Select Similar. Then choose the designated layer or apply any other command to the selection.

Isolating Layers

The LAYISO command hides all the layers except the layers of the select objects. This command is handy when you don’t know the layer name.

The LAYUNISO command restores the visibility of the layers isolated by the LAYISO command. If you have changed the status of layers between using the LAYISO and LAYUNISO command, you may need to use the LAYON or LAYTHW commands to restore visibility.

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