Automate & Synchronize Titleblock Information

Automate & Synchronize Titleblock Information

This free video tutorial demonstrates how to automate text and synchronize or update information in all titleblocks. Check the video below to learn more!

Transcript of this video

Welcome. I’m Cindy Dunn, President of CCAD inc. This video demonstrates how to automate text and synchronize or update information in all titleblocks.

I use Layouts to organize designs for printing and Blocks with Attributes for Titleblocks. All of the changeable information in my titleblock is contained in Attributes. Attributes are text-like objects included in block definitions.

I would like the sheet number in my Titleblock to match the name of the layout. To do this I will use a Field as the attribute value. A Field is a piece of information included in a text, mtext or attribute that is linked to a property of the drawing file or object in the drawing. If the FIELDDISPLAY variable is set to 1, any fields in the drawing will display with a gray background. Notice that the Scale and File Name have a gray background, indicating the text is linked to a property.

To use the layout name as the sheet number in my titleblock, I first double-click on the block. Next, I locate and select the SHEET_NUMBER attribute. Then, I right click on the value and choose Insert Field… from the menu. There are all types of fields and they can be viewed by category. The name of the current layout is stored in a system variable called CTAB (current tab). Depending on the value or type of information stored in a Field you may select a format. Since the CTAB setting is text, the available formats are limited to types of capitalization.

Now I’ll make a copy of the layout and show you how the fields work. When a layout is copied, the name of the new layout is the source layout name followed by (2). Now I’ll rename the layout. Fields don’t update dynamically. Only certain actions (saving, printing, etc.) update fields. You can force fields to update by using the REgenAll command (REA).

Now my sheet numbers are linked to the layout name. However, the number of sheets is not correct. The GATTE (Global ATTribute Edit) Express Tool command (not available in AutoCAD LT) is an easy way to change all the values of a selected attribute. To use the command, type GATTE and press ENTER. Select the attribute to change. Type in the new text and press ENTER. Press ENTER again to process or change all the selected attributes.

Thank you for watching this video about linking and synchronizing attribute values. Please visit our AutoCAD Training page or see more of our free Tutorials.