AutoCAD: Annotative Blocks

AutoCAD: Annotative Blocks

In this free video tutorial, I explain Annotative Blocks, why they are used and how to create them. Continuation from Blocks Part 1.

Transcript of this video

Welcome, I’m Cindy Dunn, President of CCAD inc. In this video I explain Annotative Blocks, why they are used and how to create them.

Blocks are often created for items like electrical symbols and revision symbols. These and other symbols should appear the same size on the printed drawing regardless of the drawing scale.

I have two drawings:

  • one where I will test the blocks
  • one containing the block definitions

Instead of viewing one drawing file at a time I tile the drawing windows. I will use the DesignCenter palette to insert the blocks from the drawing with the block definitions into my test drawing. The drawing with the block definitions does not need to be open to insert blocks using DesignCenter.

I am using the Open Drawings tab to choose what content is visible in the palette.

When creating blocks of symbols always draw the objects the size you want them on the finished print.

After activating the test drawing I click, hold and drag the Switch block into the drawing. Because it is Annotative, the block scales properly for the current scale.

The Ceiling fixture symbol is not Annotative and is too small.

The Annotative property can be added to an existing block definition. This should be done in the drawing containing the block definitions. Select the block, right-click and choose Block Editor.

Do not select any objects! Use the Properties Palette (CTRL+1 to display) to enable the Annotative property. Close the Block Editor and Save the changes. Don’t forget to Save the drawing!

Since the Ceiling fixture symbol has already been inserted into the test drawing, the block definition must be updated or Redefined. This is done by activating the test drawing, selecting the block in the DesignCenter palette, right-clicking and choosing one of the Redefine options. Now when the block is inserted it is sized properly.

To create a new block with the Annotative property, return to the block definition drawing and choose the BLOCK command. Name the block, choose a base point, select the Annotative property and choose the objects that will comprise the block. Save the drawing!

To insert a block and supply a rotation angle double-click the block in the DesignCenter palette and select the Rotation check box.

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