AutoCAD Training

AutoCAD Training

As an AutoCAD Training provider for over 20 years, CCAD’s leading expert, Cindy Dunn, has the experience and knowledge to unlock the secrets of using AutoCAD productively in a real-world setting.

We offer on-site (at your location) and virtual (online) training customized for your needs.  Our virtual classes are conducted LIVE by Cindy in an easy-to use web based classroom setting.

We also offer FREE AutoCAD Tutorials!

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CCAD’s Training FAQ’s

How long does it take to master AutoCAD?

It is very difficult to predict the amount of time that it will take for a person to become proficient using AutoCAD. Important factors are the individual’s level of computer knowledge, the amount of time using AutoCAD and the frequency that AutoCAD is used. A computer savvy individual, using AutoCAD 15‑25 hours per week, every week, should become proficient in 6‑12 weeks.

Can I get AutoCAD support after I complete a CCAD training course?

All participants enjoy six months of free email support. Don’t forget to check our AutoCAD Tutorials. Our fee based remote support is also available.

How experienced is the instructor?

When you choose CCAD inc. as your AutoCAD Training Provider, you are assured that your trainer will be Cindy Dunn, President and founder of CCAD inc. Cindy has been teaching AutoCAD to engineering and technical professionals since 1986. She has conducted classes throughout the US and in France, Germany, Switzerland and Singapore.