WeldSym draws welding symbols including Fillet, Plug, Spot, Seam, Square, V, Bevel, U, J, Flare-V, Flare-Bevel, Backing, Surfacing, Flange-Edge and Flange-Corner, including Supplementary Symbols, Contour, Finish, Process, Location, Size, Length and Pitch.

WeldSym by CCAD inc. works with AutoCAD r14 and later, but does not work with AutoCAD LT because AutoCAD LT does not support AutoLISP, the language used to write our Software Add-ons.


None, Chipping, Grinding, Machining, Rolling, Hammering


None, Carbon-Arc Welding, Cold Welding, Dip Brazing, Diffusion Welding, Electron Beam Welding, Electroslag Welding, Furnace Brazing, Explosion Welding, Flux Cored, Arc Welding, Forge Welding, Friction Welding, Flash Welding, Gas Metal-Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding, Induction Brazing, Infrared Brazing, Induction Brazing, Laser Beam Welding, Oxyacetylene Welding, Oxyhydrogen Welding, Plasma-Arc Welding, Percussion Welding, Pressure Gas Welding, Resistance Brazing, Projection Welding, Resistance-Seam Welding, Resistance-Spot Welding, Submerged Arc Welding, Shielded Metal-Arc Welding, Stud Welding, Torch Brazing, Thermit Welding, Ultrasonic Welding

Size/Length/Pitch Specifications

Symbols and leaders are sized by the current annotation scale, to current viewport scale (paper space/model space); or to current dimension scale value.