AutoCAD Add-on FAQs

AutoCAD Add-on FAQs

CCADs AutoCAD Add-on SoftwareCCAD’s software add-ons will increase your productivity. Here are a few frequently asked questions. Please be aware that there are complete installations instructions are included with all downloads at the time of purchase. Also note that there is a link to online instructions on the toolbar and ribbon of each of CCAD’s AutoCAD add-ons.

Purchases for CCAD’s Add-ons for AutoCAD are handled through MyCommerce Share-It!, an e-Commerce gateway for software developers. Please visit their support page for information about the ordering process.

Please SAVE the installation zip file on a flash drive, your server or another safe location in case you need to re-install, especially if you did not purchase the download protection.


Do CCAD’s AutoCAD Add-ons work with AutoCAD LT?

NO!  AutoCAD LT does not support the programming language used in our Add-ons.


I get an error “base.dcl” Can’t find file

A frequent installation error is selecting the Browse… button before selecting the Add… button. This replaces the first path in the Support File Search Path (OPTIONS command, Files Tab). To correct the problem, the replace path must be added.

The path is a bit different based on your version of AutoCAD. To see what the path is for your particular installation:

  • Type OPTIONS and press ENTER
  • Select the Files tab
  • Click the + icon next to Customization Files
  • Click the + icon next to Main Customization File

The file name will look something like this:

C:\Users\xxxx\appdata\roaming\autodesk\autocad 20xx\rxx\enu\support\acad

The path to be added to the Support File Search Path in this example is:

C:\Users\xxxx\appdata\roaming\autodesk\autocad 20xx\rxx\enu\support

Next you need to add this path to the Support File Search Path:

  • Click the + icon next to Support File Search Path
  • Click the + icon next to Support File Search Path
  • Click the Add… button
  • Use the window to choose the path
  • Click OK
  • Click Apply


I can’t find my original installation file. How do I utilize my extended download?

To resolve issues related to your initial software download, re-downloading of software or using your download protection (if purchased) use MyCommerce’s Order Search and click on the product name. You will need the email address you used when ordering the software and the Order Id or Last 5 Digits of the Credit Card used to order the software.  Any issues related to the order and download process should be addressed to MyCommerce.

Once you have downloaded and saved your software file to your computer (make sure to make a note of where you saved it) and review the installation video.


My CCAD Add-on toolbar has disappeared. How do I make it display again?
  • Place your cursor in the blank space of a toolbar docking area
  • Right-click and select the appropriate menugroup from the flyout. The toolbars for the group will display in another flyout
  • Select the desired toolbar


  • Type Menuload or CUILOAD at the AutoCAD command prompt and press ENTER
  • Select Browse… and locate the installation folder
  • Select the proper menu
  • Select the Load button and close the window


I get a message “Unknown Command” when I click one of the buttons. What is wrong?
  • Type OPTIONS at the AutoCAD command prompt and press ENTER
  • Click the FILES tab
  • Expand the Support File Search Path
  • The path “C:\CCAD Add ons” (or other specified installation) should appear in the list. If the path isn’t listed, click the Add button. You can manually type the path, or click the Browse button to search for it


Where are all the Steel Shapes sizes?

For some reason, the scroll bar for the Range of sizes collapses on some systems. To make it visible, follow these instructions:

  • Click the down arrow at the right of the Range of sizes list
  • Click the “blob” at the bottom of the list


My toolbar icons work, but display a “?”

For AutoCAD 2006 and up:

  • Exit AutoCAD, delete the MNR, MNC and CUI files and restart AutoCAD
  • Type Menuload at the command prompt and press ENTER
  • Click the Browse button and locate the C:\CCAD Add ons folder
  • Select the MNS file and click the Load button. Close the window

For AutoCAD r14 through 2005:

  • Exit AutoCAD and delete the MNR and MNC files of the menu you are using (ie C:\Program Files\CCAD Add ons\Pfast.MNR)
  • Restart AutoCAD. This forces AutoCAD to rebuild the images for the toolbar icons