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Steel Shapes Instructions


Steel Shapes 6.0 works with AutoCAD 2013+, but does not work with AutoCAD LT. Version 6.0 adds configuration options for layer and linetype selection, default hatch pattern and annotative options.

Instructions for Steel Shapes 6.0 can be found here.

Steel Shapes 5.0 works with AutoCAD r14 through AutoCAD 2012, but does not work with AutoCAD LT.

Instructions for Steel Shapes 5.0:

Unzip the downloaded zip file to your computer.

SAVE (backup) the original zip file on a flash drive, your server or another safe place in case you need to reinstall the software at a later date. Close any open applications before continuing.

After unzipping the download file, double-click on the EXE file. Follow the instructions on each screen to install the software on your computer. At the end of the installation, a window with a text file will appear. The file contains the configuration steps you must perform inside AutoCAD to complete your installation.

Please visit the CCAD Add-ons FAQ page for questions related to installation.

Steel Shapes Window

Steel Shapes Dialog BoxSteel Shapes Toolbar

All Steel Shapes are drawn by selecting options from the Steel Shapes dialog box. Choose the measurement system from the radio buttons along the top of the window. Select the category of shape from the Type of Shape drop down.

The End, Side or Top view is selected using radio buttons. The insertion point can be along at the Top, Middle or Bottom of the shape. The Preview updates to show the selected view where the insertion point is located.

Each category of shapes is organized into size ranges. Select the desired range and then pick the specific size to insert and select the OK button.


Steel Shapes ? Command The SteelShapes? command lists the type of Steel Shapes selected in the command line.


Steel Shapes Cut Command The Steel_Shapes_Cut command lists the type of Steel Shapes selected in the command line.

Steel Shapes Instructions

Online Help This button is a link to the online Steel Shapes Instruction page.