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CCAD provides a variety of services in addition to our AutoCAD Training courses and add-on software applications for AutoCAD. Many AutoCAD questions are answered and issues solved via our remote support service. We can develop custom menus, toolbars, ribbons, and block libraries to improve productivity, or write AutoLISP programs to automate routine tasks. Our Web developers specialize in maintaining and developing clear, concise web sites for the technical community.

Remote Support

AutoCAD Remote SupportCCAD's Remote AutoCAD Support service allows us to solve many AutoCAD problems without leaving the office, saving the cost of an expensive on site visit.

Remote support involves using a service called GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting allows the showing and sharing of computer applications and presentations live over the Internet using a web browser and a telephone or headset. It creates an environment for secure remote communications as well.

If you need help with an AutoCAD problem and would like to setup a remote support session, please complete the Remote Support Request form and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

Before we can provide you with remote support, however, you will need to test your browser compatibility at GoToMeeting. This test will assure that you and your computer are ready when it is time for the remote support session. Just click here and your browser will be tested automatically. If you are prompted to install Java software, please do so and then retest your browser.

AutoCAD Customization and AutoLISP Programming

AutoCAD CustomizationAutoCAD can be customized or tailored in a number of ways. The user interface (menus, toolbars, ribbons and palettes) can be modified to add blocks and macros. AutoLISP programming allows a wide range of customization options. To inquire about AutoCAD Customization and AutoLISP Programming, please complete our contact form and choose Programming Services from the drop down list.

Web Design

CCAD Web Design ServicesCCAD's web developers can update your existing site or build a new one for you. We specialize in maintaining and developing clear, concise web sites for the technical community. To inquire about CCAD's web development services, please complete our contact form or visit our CCAD Web Design page for more information and links to samples of our work.