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The CCAD NCAD Standards Menu

The CCAD NCAD Standards Menu makes it easy to share construction information between people in the same office or with contractors. CCAD has been helping companies establish, promote and enforce office CAD standards since 1986.

The CCAD NCAD Standards Menu consists of Model Template Files for different drawing types, Sheet Template files for different drawing scales, implementation of layering guidelines, and libraries of common components and symbols.

To meet the needs of the largest group of AutoCAD users, the CCAD NCAD Standards menu is compatible with both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, versions r14 and later.


First, begin a drawing with one of the Model Templates. For instance, to create a Floor Plan, begin a new drawing using the NCS Arch Floor Plan template. The proper layers for use in floor plans are ready to use and simple to choose from the menu system.

eXternal References

When drawings are developed using The CCAD NCAD Standards Menu, model files are easily shared to create linked drawings. Linking drawings makes sure the most current revision is used and allows users to share designs in progress.

Walls, Doors, Windows and More

Quick selections for drawing Walls, inserting Doors and Windows and other common components insures that everyone creates drawings in a similar manner, making it easier to exchange drawings.

Paper Space Made Easy

Paper Space is a great tool to display various parts of a drawing at different scales. The CCAD NCAD Standards Menu makes it snap to set and change drawing scales, set text height and insert symbols at the correct scale.

Plotting Standards

Because each drawing is created using a template, plotting is easy. Just use the proper layers and objects will plot with the correct lineweight and color.

Custom Title Blocks and Logo

The CCAD NCAD Standards Menu comes with an easy to change attributed title block. Just change the Title Block drawing and run the update_title block script and the template now use your personalized title block. Modify the Title Logo drawing and your logo will appear on every sheet.

Standards Checking

Each Model Template comes with its own drawing standards file that can be used to check standards and fix items that don't conform to established standards.