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CAD Bytes Webinars

Updating Older Drawings

Each release of AutoCAD adds new commands and enhanced features. Applying new techniques in old drawings often produces unpredictable results.

This webinar demonstrates how to modernize an existing drawing. The first step is to apply the current release's initial drawing based settings, update layer names and properties to a new layer naming convention, resolve layer assignment variations, remove unused settings, apply transparency to hatches, apply Annotative styles to dimensions and text and add the Annotative property to blocks.

The next step of the modernization process is to create a CAD Standards file and associate it with the updated drawing, verifying that the updated drawing meets the defined CAD Standards. A CAD Standards file defines the layers, linetypes, text, dimensions and multileader styles and their properties that should be used in a particular type of drawings.

The final step in updating an older drawing is to deal with blocks. The appearance of some blocks may have changed and blocks used for tags and labels should be updated to include the Annotative property.

In this CAD Bytes Webinar you will learn to:

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