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CAD Bytes Webinars

Linking Drawings, Images & PDF's

Many resources can be utilized to create an engineering document. AutoCAD drawings can be a composite of new geometry, existing drawings, images, PDF's and certain other CAD file formats.

This webinar demonstrates how to create a drawing using new geometry, an existing drawing, an image file and two PDF's. The new drawing is for a mock proposal where a new hanger is planned for an airport. No specifics about the hanger are available other than the footprint of the building. An aerial photo exists of the airport as well as PDF's of some important changes to the site. All of these resources are used to put together an AutoCAD drawing for the new hanger proposal.

Care must be taken when sending and copying drawings with linked files. The eTransmit command creates a "package" that exports a drawing and its referenced files a Zip file, exe file or folder to preserve the references.

AutoCAD Linked Files

In this CAD Bytes Webinar you will learn to:

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