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Trusted Locations

AutoCAD 2014 implemented security measures to help protect against viruses and malware (malicious code). Malicious code can come in several forms, but the most common forms encountered with AutoCAD are automatically loaded AutoLISP files, VBA macros, ARX applications, object enablers and DLLs.

Although no changes should be needed to use your own custom AutoLISP programs or purchased applications like CCAD's Steel Shapes, Pfast or WeldSym with AutoCAD 2014, you will need to add the path to any custom application as a "trusted location" in the Options window on the Files tab or the Security Concern message box will be displayed.

File Loading - Security Concern AutoCAD warning

The Security Concern message box displays when an executable file outside the Trusted Locations path is about to be loaded.

Trusted Locations in the Options window in AutoCAD

The Trusted Locations setting establishes the folders that AutoCAD can safely load and execute AutoLISP files, VBA macros and other files that contain code. Folders that are automatically trusted are the AutoCAD executable folder and its subfolders and the plug-in applications folders. Folders specified in the Trusted Locations list should be set to Read-Only.

To add a folder to the Trusted Locations list:

Another option, although not recommend, is to disable the security loading (SECURELOAD) feature. The SECURELOAD setting has three options:

0 -- Load files without warning
1 -- Displays a Security Concern message box for load request for files not in trusted locations (default)
2 -- Only allows loading of files located in trusted locations