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CCAD's AutoCAD Tutorial

AutoCAD Tutorial: Tracing an Image File in an AutoCAD Drawing

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Video Tutorial Transcript

Welcome. I'm Cindy Dunn, President of CCAD inc. This video is a continuation of last month's tutorial Attaching an image file to an AutoCAD Drawing. In that video I attached an image file of a floor plan and scaled it to actual size.

In this video I will trace the floor plan so I can acquire dimensional information like square footage and perimeter measurements. Having a dimensionally accurate plan using AutoCAD geometry will also let me place fixtures and furniture in the space.

First I adjust the fade control of the image so I can better see the AutoCAD objects I'll be drawing.

Images files are not snapable using objects snaps. However, some PDFs do contain endpoint, intersection, midpoint and center point information.

The living room spans the width of the plan, so I'll begin there by drawing a line the precise width of the room. Next I offset that line and connect the endpoints to define the living room.

Using the MEASUREGEOM command I estimate the interior and exterior wall thickness and then offset the boundaries of the living room.

I continue offsetting to define the rest of the rooms with dimensions.

Using the MEASUREGEOM command again I estimate the undimensioned spaces and create the remaining walls.

Now that the walls are in place I can join the individual wall segments into polylines which allows me to obtain area and perimeter information. Then I can add fixtures and furniture from DesignCenter or the Tool Palette.

Thank you for watching our video on tracing attaching images. Please visit these links for more AutoCAD Tutorials and our schedule of in-person and virtual AutoCAD training.