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Tool Tips

tool tips

Tool Tips are abbreviated help messages displayed when you pause over a button, icon or menu selection.

extended tool tipsExtended Tool Tips are longer help messages that appear when you pause for a longer time over a button, icon or menu selection. Extended Tool Tips usually include an image or graphic.

rollover tool tipA Rollover Tool Tip displays when you pause over an object.

To change the setting for Tool Tips, use the OPTIONS command. The settings for Tool Tips are located on the Display Tab of the Options window.

tool tips options You can completely disable Tool Tips and Extended Tool Tips by removing the check mark from the Show Tool Tips box.

Remove the check mark from the Show extended Tool Tips box to hide these help messages. If you want to retain Extended Tool Tips, but want to delay their appearance just increase the value in the Number of seconds to delay box.

Rollover Tool Tips can be disabled by removing the check mark indicated at the bottom of the figure.

All of these settings are stored in the current AutoCAD profile and will apply to any and all drawings you edit using the profile.