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CCAD's AutoCAD Tutorial

AutoCAD Tutorial: Aligning Text in AutoCAD 2015+

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Video Tutorial Transcript

Welcome. I'm Cindy Dunn, President of CCAD inc. In this video I will demonstrate the TEXTALIGN command, which was added in AutoCAD 2015.

The TEXTALIGN command allows you to align text objects horizontally, vertically or at another angle, specify the justification of alignment or equally space text objects. The text objects can be aligned to a specified text object or to a point.

The wire labels in this electrical diagram are not precisely aligned. To align them neatly I select the TEXTALIGN command from the Text panel on the Annotate tab. Then I choose the objects to arrange. Only text objects are selected so I don't need to be that careful while making my selection. Press ENTER to stop selecting objects.

The default method of alignment is to use an existing text object. After selecting the text to align, another point is selected to provide the axis or angle that the text will be aligned along. Usually you can just utilize the Polar Tracking feature to guide the selection point along the desired angle and click.

The text objects are aligned along the left edges even though the justification of the text objects is Bottom Center. The Alignment option of the TEXTALIGN command enables you to position text objects in different ways regardless of the assigned justifications. I will align the objects again so that they are Center aligned.

I choose the TEXTALIGN command again and select the alignment option, then BC for Bottom Center. Next, I pick the objects, press ENTER, the text object to align to and finally a point to establish the alignment axis.

Another option of the TEXTALIGN command allows you to align text objects using an equal spacing or evenly distributing the text objects within a set spacing. To use one of these options, select the TEXTALIGN command and then the option (Set Spacing or Distribute). Select the text objects, press ENTER and input the desired distance. Then choose the text object to align to and finally a point to establish the alignment axis.

Thank you for watching our video on aligning text in AutoCAD 2015. Please visit these links for more AutoCAD Tutorials and our schedule of in-person and virtual AutoCAD training.