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CCAD's AutoCAD Tutorials

Rotate with a Reference Option

Often when assembling parts it is necessary to rotate one component to mate with another. When rotating parts in this situation, the rotation is frequently unknown. In this example, the oblong part containing holes 1 and 2 will be rotated. The pivot point will be the center of hole 1, which will not move. The goal is to rotate the oblong part so that hole 2 aligns with hole 3. To rotate an object to mate with another, follow these steps:

Rotate with a Reference Option, rotated view

Select the ROTATE command. Select the dashed objects as the objects to be rotated. Press ENTER to stop selecting objects. When prompted for the Base Point: choose the center of circle 1. Instead of typing a rotation angle when prompted <Rotation angle>/Reference, type R and press ENTER to choose the REFERENCE option. When prompted for the Reference angle, select the center of circle 1. Then select the center of circle 2 for the Second point. When prompted for the New angle: choose the center of circle 3.

Rotate with a Reference Option, mated view