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AutoCAD 2009 introduced the Ribbon as a method of selecting commands. This free video tutorial outlines the basics of using the Ribbon to choose commands.

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Using the Drafting and Annotation Workspace

Ribbons are the default interface method in AutoCAD 2009 and up. If the Ribbon Interface is not visible, you can switch workspaces be selecting Drafting & Annotation from the Workspace Switching button at the bottom, right of the AutoCAD Window or the Quick Access toolbar.

Ribbon Tabs

Ribbon Tabs group together panels of icons from which you can choose commands. The default tabs in 2014 are Home, Insert, Annotate, Layout, Parametric, View, Manage, Output, Plug-ins, Autodesk 360, Featured Apps and Express Tools.

Tabs can be hidden or exposed by right-clicking in the Ribbon area, choosing Show Tabs and selecting a tab name to toggle its visibility.

Ribbon Panels

Ribbon Panels are divided sections on Ribbon Tabs. Typically the ribbon panels on a ribbon tab have an underlying theme. For instance, the panels on the Annotate Tab contain commands for text, dimensions, leaders and tables.

Panels can also be hidden or exposed by right-clicking in the Ribbon area. Choose Show Panels and select a panel name to toggle its visibility. Click on hold on a non-button area of a Panel to move the panel.

Panel Display

Many Ribbon Panels display only the most commonly used tools within the group. If present, clicking the triangle in the along the bottom of the panel exposes the hidden tools. To make the panel stay exposed, click the pushpin in the lower right corner.

Buttons on the panels may also have a triangle at the bottom of the icon. Click and the triangle to expose more commands. The command selected will then be displayed in the panel.

A few panels have a diagonal arrow in the lower right corner. Selecting this arrow displays a palette or window related to the commands on the panel.

This control allows three Ribbon Panel displays:

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