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The Offset Command

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Options of the OFFSET command

In this video, I will demonstrate several options of the OFFSET command. The OFFSET command is used to create parallel copies of lines, polylines, concentric arcs and circles. It is located on the Home tab in the Modify panel. Typically we use the OFFSET command to offset an object a specific distance, so I input my offset distance, then choose my object to offset, then pick a point on one side or the other of the object. Notice that even though my current layer is set to Hidden, the new object is placed on the same layer with the same properties as the source (or selected) objects.

The TRIM command

When we offset objects, we often will end up using the TRIM command to remove a portion of the object that we no longer want. The first prompt in the TRIM command is to choose the cutting edges. I'm going to use the select all option by pressing ENTER; all the objects in the drawing will be possible cutting edges. I'll use a SELECT crossing to choose these two objects and just a select pick to choose the others. Then, press ENTER to stop. I'd like to offset the circle so the new circle will be placed on the current layer rather than the source layer. I will right-click and choose Recent Input so that I can choose the OFFSET command again without returning to the panel, and instead of typing in the distance, I'm going to right-click and choose the Layer option and change it from Source to Current. So now, any objects that I create with the OFFSET command will be placed on the current layer. Then I input the offset distance, select my object, choose my side and press ENTER when I'm finished.

The OFFSET Through Option

The next option I'm going to use in the OFFSET command is the OFFSET Through option. I have a plan view of a threaded hole and I would like to create the elevation view of the threaded hole. So I have four lines to be created parallel to this line at the bottom, and they need to be at such a distance that they represent the top and bottom of this threaded hole. I choose my OFFSET command, and I want to use the Through option. I could type "T", I could right-click and choose Through from the menu, or in AutoCAD 2014 I can go to the command line and choose the Through option. Next it will prompt me for the object to offset, which is the bottom edge here. The OFFSET command also has an option to select multiple points, so I'm going to go to the command line and choose the Multiple option. I want to offset these objects so that they would pass through the quadrants of the circles as if they were infinite. Right-click on my Object Snap Settings, choose Quadrant, and choose the tops and bottoms of my circles. When I'm finished, I press ENTER - that stops offsetting objects through the original object I selected. Finally, I press ENTER to stop the OFFSET command.

Thank you for watching this video on using the OFFSET command. Please visit these links for more AutoCAD Tutorials and our schedule of in-person and virtual AutoCAD training.