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CCAD's AutoCAD 2015 Tutorial

Automatically Apply Numbers to Notes

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Video Tutorial Transcript

Welcome. I'm Cindy Dunn, President of CCAD inc. In this AutoCAD tutorial I'll explain how to number notes.

AutoCAD includes a quick and easy way to add numbers to notes. If you have already typed in your notes and want to apply numbers, double-click the notes. Highlight the text to be numbered. Select Bullets and Numbering from the Paragraph panel. Then choose Numbered.

The numbers can be indented by adjusting the First Line marker in the ruler. The gap between the numbers and the notes is adjusted by changing the Paragraph and Tab markers to the same value. Make sure the numbered lines remain selected while making these adjustments. Close the Text Editor when finished.

You can apply numbering as you create your notes by typing a number followed by the appropriate punctuation.

Using the Numbering feature allows the numbers to update when text is inserted between existing lines.

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