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Multileader (MLEADER) Basics

The MLEADER command can create leaders with a variety of arrows, segments and content, including text and blocks with attributes.

Watch this video to learn the basics of creating multleaders and multileader styles.

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Transcript of Video Tutorial

Welcome. I'm Cindy Dunn, President of CCAD inc. In this video I will demonstrate how to use the MLEADER command to create leaders with text and symbols, such as balloons.

The Multileader command (MLEADER) can be found on the Home tab and the Annotate tab. The two defaults styles, Standard and Annotative, create an MLEADER object with an arrow, two segments and text. The appearance of the two styles is identical. The Annotative property is on in the Annotative style, insuring that multileaders created with this style use the Annotative Scale to size the object features properly. Unlike the older LEADER and QLEADER objects, the MLEADER object is a single object that can be easily adjusted using Grips.

MLEADER Styles control the size, type, color, linetype and lineweight of arrows and leaders are managed on the Leader Format Tab. The maximum number of leader segments, the allowable angle(s) of the leader segments and landing size and visibility are set on the Leader Structure Tab. The method of scaling is also found on the Leader Structure Tab.

The Content Tab manages the text or symbol inserted at the non-arrow end of the leader. If the content type is Text, then text properties like size, style, angle, color, attachment and justification are available. Selecting Block as the content type allows you to select from several default blocks with attributes.

Make sure to set all sizes based on the size you want the arrows, text, blocks and landings to be on the printed sheet, turn on the Annotative property and choose the Annotative or Viewport scale.

Thank you for watching this video on using Multileaders and Multileader Styles. Please visit these links for more AutoCAD Tutorials and our schedule of in-person and virtual AutoCAD training.