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Layer Properties Manager

The Layer Properties Manager can be displayed as a Palette or a Window. You can choose which Columns are displayed as well as the order. Watch this free video tutorial to see all the display options for the Layer Properties Manager.

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Transcript of Video Tutorial

In this video I will demonstrate how to customize the appearance of the Layer Properties Manager.

First of all the Layer Properties Manager can be displayed as a Palette or as a Window by using the LAYERDLGMODE setting.

LAYERDLGMODE = 1 displays the Layer Properties Manager as a Palette.

LAYERDLGMODE = 0 displays it as a Window.

Either way you choose to display the Manager there are several options available to control its appearance. Right-click on the title bar to display a menu of the options.

First of all you can choose which properties are visible in the manager. For instance, if you don't use the Plot Style, New VP Freeze and Description properties, go ahead and hide the columns.

Often the columns are too narrow to display all the information. All or some of the columns can be Maximized to make it easier to read the information.

Another handy option is Freezing one or more columns. The default in AutoCAD 2013 is for the Name column to be Frozen so when you scroll to the right the Name column is still visible. When you Freeze a column all the columns to the left of it are Frozen.

Using the Customize... option you can change the order of the columns in the Manager. For instance, Plot could be Moved up so it is after Lock.

You can always Restore all columns to defaults.

Thank you for watching this video on customizing the appearance of the Layer Properties Manager.