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The JOIN Command

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In this video I will demonstrate the JOIN command. The JOIN command connects or joins a group of objects into a single unbroken object.

Objects that can be joined are lines, polylines, arcs, ellipical arcs and splines.

First I'll delete these two lines and join these two lines together. The JOIN command is found on the Modify panel, Home tab.

I select the two lines with the gap to join them together into one line.

Notice that this is one continuous line now.

I repeat the JOIN command and use a window selection to choose these lines.

Because the endpoints of all the lines are coincident the objects have been converted into a polyline.

The properties of the first object in the selection set determine the properties the applied to the new objects. I'm undoing this and selecting the JOIN command again.

This time I will choose one of the red objects as my first object and then window the selection.

By choosing the red object first its properties will be applied to the newly created polyline.

The JOIN command can also be used to convert an arc to a circle

Select the arc and then use the close option to convert it into the circle.

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