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Hiding Objects, Not Layers

Layers can be turned off and on or frozen and thawed. But what if you want to hide certain objects, not an entire layer?

The ISOLATEOBJECTS and the HIDEOBJECTS commands hide specific objects. These commands are available in AutoCAD 2011 and up.

The UNISOLATEOBJECTS command restores objects hidden by the ISOLATEOBJECTS and the HIDEOBJECTS command.

isolate layer menuThese commands are found in the right-click menu...

isolate layer button...or near the right end of the status bar.


Both the ISOLATEOBJECTS and HIDEOBJECTS commands support verb-noun and noun-verb selection. When you choose a command and then a group of objects, you are using verb-noun selection. If you select a group of objects, then a command, you are using noun-verb selection. The explanation below describes the commands using verb-noun selection.

To hide particular objects just right-click and choose Isolate>Hide Objects from the menu. Then select the objects to be hidden and press ENTER. To restore the hidden objects, right-click and select Isolate>End Object Isolation.

To hide all but selected objects right-click and choose Isolate>Isolate Objects from the menu. Choose the objects to remain on the screen and press ENTER.  You may isolate additional objects by picking the Isolate button in the status line and choosing Isolate Additional Objects from the menuThe Isolate button is orange if objects are hidden or isolated.