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CCAD's AutoCAD Tutorials

New Group Features in AutoCAD 2012

Save the groups.dwg file on your computer and open it in AutoCAD 2012.

Creating a Group

We'll make two groups, one of the red channel and the other of the green clip.

select similargroup imageSelect one of the objects making up the red channel.

Right-click and choose Select Similar from the menu.


All the objects making up the channel are selected because they have similar properties.

group dialog boxred channel selectedSelect the GROUP command (Home>Groups).

Managing Groups

The Group Manager displays a list of the groups in the drawing and performs various functions like rename, delete and explode.

group_manager_dialog_boxSelect Group Manager (Home>Groups).

The group just created is unnamed. By default unnamed groups are not listed in the Group Manager.


unnamed groupClick the Include Unnamed box to display all groups, including unnamed groups.

Now that the unnamed group is listed, it can be renamed.


name the groupSelect the unnamed group from the lsit (it may have a different designation).


name group dialog boxType Channel in the Group Name: box.

Click the Rename button and click OK.


window selection for a groupgroup completedSelect the clip objects with a window selection.


group dialog boxgroup with selectionSelect the GROUP command (Home>Groups).

Group Bounding Box

By default, groups are indicated with a bounding box.

groupinggroupsChoose one or both groups.

group bounding boxSelect Group Bound Box On/Off (Home>Groups) to toggle the display type of groups.

Manipulating Group Objects

group dialogcopy the groupMake a copy of the channel and clip.

The new channel and clip are to be stretched 2" to create a new attachment.

You can turn off grouping to change individual objects belonging to a group.

Choose Group Selection On/Off (Home>Groups).

delete the circledelete the circleDelete the center circle.

stretch a groupSelect the STRETCH (Home>Modify) command.

Specify a crossing selection as shown in the figure.

Press ENTER.

select a basepointSelect a base point as shown.

stretching a groupMove your cursor straight up.

Type 2.

Press ENTER.

copying a groupSelect COPY (Home>Modify).

Select the circle indicated in the figure and press ENTER.

Select a base point near the circle.

Move your cursor straight up.

Type 1.

Press ENTER.

copying a groupMove your cursor straight up.

Type 2.

Press ENTER.

copying a groupMove your cursor straight up.

Type 3.

Press ENTER.

circle copiedgroupsNow that the changes are complete, turn Group Selection On (Home>Groups).

Notice that the three circles are not part of this group since they did not exist when the group was created.

Adding to a Group

groupeditSelect GROUPEDIT (Home>Groups).

select groupSelect any portion of the clip group.

add objects to a groupRight-click and choose Add objects from the menu.

objects added to a groupChoose the three new circles.

Press ENTER.