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CCAD's AutoCAD Tutorial

AutoCAD Tutorial: The POLYLINE option of the FILLET command

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Video Tutorial Transcript

Welcome. I'm Cindy Dunn, President of CCAD inc. The FILLET command creates an arc of a specified radius that is tangent to two selected objects. In this video I will demonstrate the POLYLINE option of the FILLET command.

The POLYLINE option of the FILLET command applies the designated radius to ALL vertices or corners of a selected POLYLINE.

To view the current options of the FILLET command either press F2 or increase the height of the command window. Since the current FILLET RADIUS is 0, I will choose the RADIUS option in the command window and input a radius of 0.5.

To apply the radius to ALL vertices of a POLYLINE select the POLYLINE option. If you don't select the POLYLINE option, the fillet will applied to two selected polyline segments.

You can change the arc segments of a polyline or remove them by using a radius of 0.

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