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CCAD's AutoCAD Tutorials

Quick Dimensions

One of the features of AutoCAD that I believe is a great time saver is Quick Dimensions. Quick Dimensions allow you to select a group of objects and automatically apply baseline, continuous, staggered, ordinate, radius or diameter dimensions. Although the dimensions often need to be tweeked a little, this promises to be a popular feature.

select geometry to dimension

Select geometry to dimension: Specify opposite corner: 8 found. The objects above were selected with a crossing box.

Select geometry to dimension: Press ENTER to stop selecting objects.

Specify dimension line position, or [Continuous/Staggered/Baseline/Ordinate/Radius/Diameter/datumPoint/Edit]<Continuous>:

Next, just drag the dimension to the desired location or change the style of dimensioning. Continuous is the default style. The direction you drag the cursor will determine whether horizontal or vertical dimensions are drawn. This is similar to the Linear Dimension command.

Press the pick button to locate the dimensions.

locating dimensions

The figure below illustrates some of the Quick Dimension options.

Quick Dimension Example