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CCAD's AutoCAD Tutorials

Adding Characters to Dimension Text and Creating a Double-Click Action

Beginning with AutoCAD 2012 double-clicking on a dimension object launches the TEXTEDIT command allowing you to add a prefix or suffix to dimension text using the Multiline Text editor. In prior versions no double-click action is defined for Dimensions, therefore the Properties Palette is displayed. In the Properties Palette you can add a Text Override. Make sure to use <> to include the measurement in the dimension text. If not, the measurement will not be displayed in the dimension. Dimension text which doesn't include the AutoCAD supplied measurement will not update when the geometry is stretched or otherwise changed.

What if you want to modify dimension text using the Multiline Text editor in prior versions? Use the DDEDIT or TEXTEDIT (2010-2013) command. These commands can be used to edit Multiline Text, Single Line Text, Dimension Text or Multileader Text. A double-click action for dimensions can be created by modifying the CUI:

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