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The Design Center Palette

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Transcript of Video Tutorial

Welcome. I'm Cindy Dunn, President of CCAD inc. In this video I will demonstrate how to use the Design Center Palette to use blocks, layers, layouts and styles present in dwg files and dwt files.

Reusing and sharing content is fundamental to efficient management of a drawing project. Using the same styles, blocks and layouts provide a consistent file foundation that is more easily modified and presents a uniform appearance.

The Design Center Palette allows you to import content (layers, linetypes, text styles, block definitions, layouts, etc) contained in other drawings. It can be displayed by selecting the icon from the Palettes panel on the View tab, pressing CTRL+2, or typing DC.

The Design Center Palette opens to the Sample folder which contains drawings with sample blocks, text styles and linetypes. The Sample folder can also be opened by selecting the Home button in the toolbar. If the Sample\DesignCenter folder doesn't display, double-click the en-us\DesignCenter folder.

The toolbar along the top of the Design Center palette includes buttons for navigating folders and content and displaying different panes (areas) of the palette. You can reset the Home folder by right-clicking in the content area and choosing Set as Home from the menu.

The size of the panes can be adjusted by clicking and dragging the edge of the pane.

To import content from a file, double-click on the file in the Content Pane. Next double-click the type of content to be imported. Then click, hold and drag an item into the drawing area. No rotation or scale options are available for blocks dropped into the drawing. Double-click on a block icon to display the Insert window. Here you can enable any of the On-screen options for the block.

Content from files in other folders can be imported. To select a file use the Folder list or the Load button. Choosing the Load button to select a file lets you use short cuts in the Places List.

If the layers needed for the current drawing are missing, they can quickly be imported from the Loaded file. Multiple layers, styles, linetypes, and layouts can be imported by selecting them with a window.

Predefined Layouts from a dwg or dwt file can be imported. Just drag and drop the icon into the current drawing. The Layout tab is added to the list of layouts. The layout can then be activated and modified.

Styles can also be imported to maintain consistency. Once imported these formatting elements can be set current to create dimensions, multileaders and other objects.

Thank you for watching this video on using the AutoCAD Design Center Palette. Please visit these links for more AutoCAD Tutorials and our schedule of in-person and virtual AutoCAD training.