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CCAD's AutoCAD Tutorials

Creating Hatch Patterns

Custom hatch patterns can be very helpful in applying repetitive patterns to an area of a drawing. Hatches created to represent dimensional patterns can be especially useful. For example, ceiling grids or floor tiles can be developed as hatch patterns. This tutorial will explore three variations of hatch patterns: Continuous Line, Dashed Line and Delta‑X Offset hatch patterns. Once you're finished with these tutorials, please review several important points in our Custom Hatch Pattern Summary.


Library File
The file containing the pattern. The acad.pat file contains the default hatch patterns. You can append your pattern to this file or create a new file. If you create a new file, the file name and pattern name must be the same.
Pattern Name
The name of the hatch pattern. Must be the same as the Library File if not appended to acad.pat.
A string a text describing the pattern.
Pattern Line
A sequence of numbers describing one line of the hatch pattern.
Distance between Pattern Lines, measured along the angle of the lines. Only used for dashed lines.
Distance between Pattern Lines, measured perpendicular to the angle of the line.
; (semicolon)
Denotes a comment line.
* (asterisk)
Denotes beginning of a new pattern definition.

Begin the first of three hatch tutorials now, the Continuous Line hatch patterns.