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CCAD's AutoCAD Tutorials

Controlling the Mouse Button

The use of the mouse wheel to zoom and pan in AutoCAD is a huge timesaver. To enlarged the image, place your cursor over the focal point of the drawing and roll the wheel away from you. To reduced the image, roll the wheel toward you. To toggle the behavior of the wheel so that rolling the wheel towards you enlarges the image, change the ZOOMWHEEL setting to 1 (type ZOOMWHEEL, ENTER, 1, ENTER).

Each click of the wheel changes the magnification by the current ZOOMFACTOR. To change the degree of magnification, type ZOOMFACTOR and press ENTER. Input an integer between 3 and 100. The greater the number, the greater the change when you roll the wheel.

Double-click the wheel to ZOOM EXTENTS. The EXTENTS are an imaginary box that fits around all the objects that are not on a frozen layer and displays that imaginary box on the screen.

Press and hold the wheel and move the mouse to pan to an adjacent area of the drawing. Panning changes you viewing target, but not the magnification. To constrain the pan motion horizontally and vertically press and hold the SHIFT key AFTER the wheel.

Press and hold the SHIFT key, THEN the mouse wheel to ORBIT the drawing. ORBIT moves your view point around the target of the view. The center of the viewport, not the center of the objects, is the target.

Press and hold the CONTROL key, THEN the mouse wheel to SWIVEL the drawing. SWIVEL pans the camera in the direction you drag the mouse. The target of the view changes when you SWIVEL the image.

If your mouse wheel displays a menu when you press it, it has been configured as a button. The setting MBUTTONPAN (Middle Button Pan) needs to be changed from 0 (off) to 1 (on). If your mouse wheel only scrolls up and down check your mouse driver. If there is a selection to configure the buttons, make sure the middle button is set to "middle button." If that's not an option, look around for settings related to scrolling. If you find one, turn it off.

This video demonstrates how to control your mouse button:

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