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CCAD's AutoCAD Tutorials

Typing Commands Made Easier with AutoComplete

AutoCAD 2012 added a new feature called AUTOCOMPLETE. Entering a command or system variable at the Command prompt is assisted with several features that list or complete the commands and system variables as they are being typed. The AUTOCOMPLETE command controls which of the features are turned on.

AutoComplete Dialog Box

Right-click in the Command Window and select AutoComplete from the shortcut menu to choose the desired options.

If on, commands and system variables are completed as you type. For instance, if type EXTERN, AutoComplete selects EXTERNALREFERENCES.

Suggestion List
If on, displays a list of commands and system variables that begin with the characters you've typed.

Display Icons
If on, displays the icon for a command and a generic icon for system variables.

Display System Variables
If on, includes system variables in the Append and List results.

Delay Time
If on, sets a delay time before the Append and List results are displayed.