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Aligning Objects using Object Snap Tracking and Mid Between 2 Points

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Welcome. I'm Cindy Dunn, President of CCAD inc. In this video I will demonstrate a couple of my favorite drawing tools for aligning objects: Object Snap Tracking and Midpoint between 2 Points.

Object Snap Tracking allows you to choose new points that are aligned to existing locations in the drawing. AUTOSNAP is another name for Object Snap Tracking.

To use AUTOSNAP, first set the desired Objects Snaps to the points you want to align to later. Object Snaps are geometric points related to an object, like midpoints and endpoints. Since I want to draw a new circle aligned to the midpoints of this rectangle, I have set a Midpoint Object Snap. Don't forget to turn on OSNAP and AUTOSNAP.

First I select the command (CIRCLE). I want to find the point that aligns horizontally with the midpoint of the side of the rectangle and vertically with the midpoint of the top of the rectangle. Next I hover or scrub one of the edges. It doesn't matter which line I scrub first. However, I DON'T click! Now I move the cursor to the other edge, again hovering or scrubbing, but not clicking. Next I move the cursor to the approximate location of the center of the circle. I look for the intersection of the dashed lines. Now I CLICK and finish the command.

The Midpoint between 2 Points tool lets you find the point that lies midway between two points. Again I start by setting the Object Snaps to be used with M2P. This time I'll use Intersection. AutoCAD 2017 improved the usability of the Object Snap menu by using check marks and keeping the menu open until you click elsewhere.

The upside down channel needs to be moved to the top of the rectangle. I select the channel. AutoCAD 2015 uses a new faded visualization to indicate the objects selected. Now the MOVE command. Next hold the shift key, right-click and choose Mid between 2 Points. I select the two Intersections and M2P finds the midway point. Notice AutoCAD 2015 graphically shows the cursor movement as a dash line. The MOVE function is indicated with a new icon near the cursor. Finally, the midpoint of the edge is selected and the channel moved.

Thank you for watching this video on aligning objects. Please visit these links for more AutoCAD Tutorials and our schedule of in-person and virtual AutoCAD training.