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AutoCAD Express Tools: BlockReplace

This video explores the BlockReplace command in AutoCAD Express Tools (please note that the Express Tools are not available in AutoCAD LT).

Transcript of this video

Welcome, I'm Cindy Dunn President of CCAD inc. In this video I will demonstrate the BlockReplace command, found on the Express Tools tab. Please note that the Express Tools are not available in AutoCAD LT.

The BlockReplace command does what it sounds like it does - replaces all instances of an inserted block with another block that is already defined in the current drawing. So remember, the replacing block must already be defined in the current drawing. However, it doesn't have to be inserted.

I will replace the armed desk chairs in the dining area of this condo with dining room chairs without arms. The block being replaced can be selected from the window of all the blocks in the drawing or can be selected on the screen. Since I haven't inserted the Chair – Dining, I'll choose it from the list.

Before the replacement takes place, the command asks if I want to purge unreferenced items when finished. This means that the original block definition, Chair – Desk, will be purged from the drawing.

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