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AutoCAD 2017 New Commands: Centerline & Centermark

This free video tutorial introduces two new commands in AutoCAD 2017: Centerline and Centermark.

Transcript of this video

Welcome. I'm Cindy Dunn, President of CCAD inc. This video introduces two new commands in AutoCAD 2017: Centerline and Centermark.

Up until AutoCAD 2017 the Centermark command simply created lines. Now the Centermark command creates a new object, a Centermark. Objects created with the Centermark command are associated with the selected arc or circle. This means the Centermark will adjust if the size of the arc or circle changes. Also, display and size properties can be adjusted.

The Centerline command is a brand new command that creates a Centerline that bisects the angle implied by the two selected lines. The two lines do not need to be parallel or the same length. Edges of polylines may also be selected to create a Centerline.

Both Centermark and Centerline Extensions and maybe be adjusted using grips or the Properties Palette, along with other display and size parameters.

Thank you for watching this video about the Centerline and Centermark commands in AutoCAD 2017. Next month's video will focus on managing the display and size settings for these commands.

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