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AutoCAD 2017 New Commands: Centerline & Centermark Settings

In the previous video, I demonstrated how to use the new Centerline and Centermark commands. This video explores the settings for these two new commands.

Transcript of this video

Welcome. I'm Cindy Dunn, President of CCAD inc. In a previous video I demonstrated how to use the new Centerline and Centermark commands. This video explores the settings for these two new commands.

The appearance of Centerlines and Centermarks are not controlled via a style like dimensions and text. These new objects are managed by a series of system variables. System variables store hundreds of settings affecting how objects look and behave. Some are saved in each individual drawing, while others are saved in the application profile. Centerlines and Centermarks are saved in the drawing, meaning that changing these settings in one drawing will not affect any other drawings. Therefore, if you want to be consistent about the appearance of Centerlines and Centermarks, you should make any changes in your template (dwt) file.

Here is a rundown of the system variables that affect Centerlines and Centermarks:

Centercrossgap: the gap between the center mark and its center lines
Centercrosssize: the size of the center mark
Centerexe: the length of center marks and lines extensions
Centerlayer: the layer for new center marks or lines
Centerltscale: the linetype scale used by center marks and lines
Centerltype: the linetype used by center marks and lines
Centerltypefile: the linetype file (lin) used to create center marks and lines
Centermarkexe: are centerlines extended automatically from new center marks

Absolute, Relative and ByLineType

The Centercrossgap and Centercrosssize settings can be specified as an absolute number, a number relative to the size of the arc or circle or by linetype. An absolute value a real number like 0.125 or 1/8. A relative size is based on the size of the arc or circle, like 0.2x. The ByLineType setting derives the gap or cross distance from the linetype assigned to the Center mark or line.

I prefer using the ByLineType option to achieve greater consistency for center lines. Center marks and lines are not annotative.

I've changed the center mark and line settings to the following and then added a center mark and line.

CENTERLAYER "Dimensions"

Remember that all these properties may be changed by using the Properties Palette, Match Properties or Grips.

Thank you for watching this video about the Centerline and Centermark settings in AutoCAD 2017. Please visit the following links for more AutoCAD Tutorials and our schedule of in-person and virtual AutoCAD training classes.