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CCAD's Virtual Classroom for AutoCAD Training

Our lead instructor, Cindy Dunn, teaches AutoCAD courses live in a Virtual Classroom setting, using web-based technology. In our live, three day-courses Cindy alternates lecture/demo sessions with student labs. Cindy remains available to answer your questions live during the labs.

"Cindy did a fantastic job of addressing ongoing issues we've been experiencing while infusing the lessons with brand new material. Many of the things she showed us were things I was totally unaware of."

Katie - Musical Instrument Museum

Lecture/demo sessions are recorded and available to students for reference. Students will also receive a substantial training manual and sample drawings.

Why Virtual Classroom Works

Michael, a virtual classroom student

If you've never taken a class online before, see our FAQs or listen to Michael, an AutoCAD: The Basics student, explain why you should try it!

Our Virtual Classroom training consists of live, interactive instructor lectures and demos which are recorded for future reference and made available within 24 hours following the training. Participants watch demonstrations on their computer instead of a projection screen and talk with the instructor as though the instructor is in the same room. The virtual classroom option offers scheduling flexibility and lower costs as neither the instructor nor students must travel and no physical materials are provided. Course materials are provided electronically and the recorded sessions are downloadable.

To get the most out of your training sessions, we strongly recommend that you find a space in your office or home in which you can participate uninterrupted (e.g., book a conference room or seek a quiet space away from your phone).

How Web-based Training Works

GoToMeeting allows the showing and sharing of computer applications and presentations live over the Internet using a web browser and a telephone or headset. Upon registration for one of our Virtual Classroom courses, you will be provided with a web page link and instructions.

On the day of the course, you will log onto the Web session using the link provided. At the same time, you will dial into a conference call phone number or plug in your headset (recommended).

Cindy will lead you through the entire experience, live over the Web and phone. She will alternate lecture/demo time with lab work. During the labs, you will work on assigned exercises, and Cindy will remain available for live questions.

CCAD's Virtual Classroom FAQ

How do I register for a class?

Registering for a CCAD Virtual Classroom on a PC or Mac is easy. Click the registration link on our training page to register for a session.

How do I pay for a class?

When you register for a class, you will be given the option to submit payment through PayPal, fax or call in your credit card information, or mail a check.

How do I join the training session?

You will join the training session at the scheduled time by clicking the link in your confirmation email, which will be automatically sent to you after registering.

Please review the online virtual training guide video prior to the start of the first class session.

Do I need a GoToMeeting account to attend a training session?

You do not need a GoToMeeting account to attend a training session. You attend as a guest of the GoToMeeting organizer, and there is no obligation to buy or even sign up for a free trial. To join a training session, click the link in the invitation email.

Will I receive a printed manual?

No, the training materials will be provided in one or more PDFs. Please print all PDF's prior to the start of a Virtual Class.

When will the recordings be available?

Links to the recordings of the lectures and demos will be available within 24 hours following the training.

Do I need AutoCAD on my computer to attend a virtual classroom?

Yes, you will need to have AutoCAD installed on your computer to complete the labs. If you do not have AutoCAD you can install a 30 day trial copy.

What version of AutoCAD will be taught in the virtual classroom?

Classes will be taught using the current version of AutoCAD, available here as a free trial.

Can I use AutoCAD LT?

Yes, however, some of the features covered in the Advance Concepts course are not available in AutoCAD LT.