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CCAD's Virtual Classroom for AutoCAD Training

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Watch the quick video to the left in which Michael talks about taking a Virtual Classroom course with Cindy, our expert trainer. Michael wanted to take CCAD's in-person AutoCAD - The Basics class, but due to his time constraints, could not attend one of our sessions. He decided to try our Virtual Classroom option and felt it was a very effective way to fit great training into a tight schedule, with the added benefit of saving on travel expenses.

Michael's Testimony

When I first signed up for Virtual Classroom, I will admit I was a little bit apprehensive about taking an online course. But it turned out to be a great experience, and a lot easier than I thought it would be!

CCAD uses Go-To-Training, and it works over the Web, so there's no software to download. Once I made sure my browser was compatible, I was good to go.

The day of the class, I clicked on the link from my registration email, and signed in using the provided password. I then called the conference call number.

What I didn't realize when I first registered was that I would could ask the instructor questions - LIVE - anytime I wanted. Just like in a normal classroom. There's a little hand icon you click so the instructor will call on you. Then you ask your question on the phone, or there is a certain spot on the web page to type the question.

I was comfortable with the whole format in just a few minutes.

I found the Virtual Classroom schedule very effective; Cindy would alternate between lecture time and lab time. She'd spend about an hour and a half teaching different features of Auto-CAD, demonstrating how they work. People would ask questions, and all the students could hear the answer. Then we were assigned a lab exercise, where we would spend about an hour working independently.

When I got stuck on something, I would click on the little hand icon and Cindy would help me out - like in a regular classroom - like having the teacher walk over to look at your screen. She even took control of my screen once to show me what to do!

Overall, it's a type of online learning that I would definitely do again.