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Remote AutoCAD Support

CCAD's Remote Support for AutoCADCCAD's Remote AutoCAD Support service allows us to solve many AutoCAD problems without leaving the office, saving the cost of an expensive on‑site visit. Some of the issues we've handled using Remote AutoCAD Support include:

Remote AutoCAD Support can also be used to clarify the use of commands or further the understanding of topics like Reference Manager, Batch CAD Standards, Layouts, Tables or eTransmit.

Per Incident Fees: Package Remote Support Fees (No minimum charge or increments):

If you need help with an AutoCAD problem and would like to setup a remote support session, please complete CCAD's Remote Support Request Form and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

Remote support involves using a service called GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting allows the showing and sharing of computer applications and presentations live over the Internet using a web browser and a telephone or headset. It creates an environment for secure remote communications as well.

Before we can provide you with remote support, you will need to test your browser compatibility at the GoToMeeting test page. Just click on the link and your browser will be tested. This test will assure that you and your computer are ready when it is time for a remote support session.