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AutoCAD - Beyond the Basics

AutoCAD TrainingLength: 2 Days

Participants are introduced to complex objects and editing methods as well as styles to manage text, dimensions and leaders. Additional text and dimension commands are presented. Techniques for using layouts and viewports to create multi‑scale, multi‑page designs are explored. Participants will create libraries of reusable shapes (blocks) and add changeable text (attributes) to the blocks. Experience with the topics covered in the AutoCAD ‑ The Basics course is necessary as this workshop builds on these concepts.

Exercises for the workshop are drawn from a variety of disciplines, including part design, facility layout, architectural drafting and schematics. Participants for each workshop are surveyed to determine their areas of interest and when possible, exercises are tailored to match the needs of the workshop attendees.

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Advanced Editing

Advanced Drawing Skills

Managing Drawing Scales

Advanced Text Techniques

Advanced Dimiensioning Techniques

Advanced Layout Techniques

Creating Component Libraries

Topics and duration may be modified by the instructor based on the skill level and knowledge of the participants.